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Technical Training

British Cars of America offers technical training classes for the British Car Enthusiasts.

About Us

In order from left to right: Charlie, Adam, Adrianne, and Jim.

British Cars Restorations & Services, LLC started as a group of guys working on cars and blossomed from there. We enjoy all British automobiles and each of our employees own at least one British car, if not drives one everyday. We specialize in all British vehicles because many people own British automobiles, and need someone who knows what they are doing to work on them. We can hold up to 11 cars inside and numerous more outside in a secure area. We service and restore British cars, motorcycles, and trucks. We also sell parts, accessories, and regalia for all British automobiles.

Charlie Key

Before this fine organization was started, Charlie worked at IBM and then at home in his garage on his British automobiles as a hobby. He joined many of the British car clubs and met many groups of wonderful people. He helped many of the club members on their British vehicles and after a while a few friends suggested he should open his own British automotive shop. Charlie did just this, and after many years in business he has moved from management to consulting and diagnostics. He now works at British Cars Restorations and Services, LLC part time.

Charlie still holds and/or has held the following positions:

  • President of the Austin-Healey Club of St. Louis
  • Vice-President of the Austin-Healey Club of St. Louis
  • Vice-President of the MG Club of St. Louis
  • Chairman of the MG Club of St. Louis
  • MGT Registrar of St. Louis - NEMGTR
  • MGT Registrar of the MG Club of St. Louis
  • Registrar for British Car Day
  • Registrar and Cordinator of the GOF Central (Gathering of the Faithful Central a NEMGTR event) - 1999 and 2006
  • Instructor and Speaker at many British Car Events
  • Concourse Judge on all British Marks
  • Vintage and British Car Appraiser
  • Author of many British Technical Articles
  • Consultant to Trade Shops and Hobbiests
  • Expert in British Car Restorations
  • Charter Member of the British Motor Trade Association (BMTA)
  • Member of SEMA
  • Winner of the Triple Crown Long Distance Endurance Rallies in 2006


She handles the company's office duties, including inventory, invoicing, and the web site, along with many other tasks involved in operations and research.


Trained in automotive maintenance technology in 1998 and in British automobiles later, Jim has become an enthusiast and owns a 1978 MG Midget. He has worked on British Cars for many years and is an ASE Certified Technician in:

  • Engine Repair
  • Suspension and Steering
  • Brakes
  • Engine Performance


Starting his automotive curiosity at a young age, he has only allowed it to grow and blossom into his profession. He started working as an automotive technician at British Cars of America, LLC and has since continued his love for British automobiles at British Cars Restorations and Services, LLC. He has become an authority for Land Rover repairs, customization, off road building and British car restorations. Adam has been the driving force in building our rally car, our off road Land Rovers, our supercharged MG's and Triumphs; and is in the process of building an all British Street Rod.