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Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover Bosch 4.0L and 4.6L Engine Problem Repair

  • Land Rover Bosch 4.0/4.6 Engine Block, From a 1999-2002 Range Rover or a 1999-2004 Land Rover Discovery The engine block shows the original condition. Next step it to remove the cylinder liners and machine.

    You may have heard that there are problems with the 1999-2002 Range Rover and the 1999-2004 Land Rover Discovery Bosch 4.0L and 4.6L engines. These engines are not all affected by the manufacturing problems but be careful when looking for one of these vehicles or one of the engine used in these Land Rovers. Have a professional check out the Rover before making a deal. Personally, I have been running a 2001 Disco for three years with no problem at all; this is my wife’s Rover. I thought many of you out there might be interested in our repair of these engines with the fault.  Land Rover Bosch 4.0/4.6 Engine Block without cylinder liners and machined, From a 1999-2002 Range Rover or a 1999-2004 Land Rover Discovery The engine block shows removed cylinder liners and machining. It also shows the place of the micro fracture in the second cylinder.

    These are some pictures of the problem: this photo at the top left is what the engine looked like before removing the cylinder liners, no noticeable problem. We tested the engine and found that the second cylinder down had been leaking. The reports of micro fractures in the water jackets are a real problem. The repair for this is to replace the cylinder liners with the Top Hat style. This is a permanent repair. 

    The first step is to cut out the old liners, this proved to not be the end of the problem. Once these liners were removed we could readily see that the engine block had too thin of a water jacket. The photo on the right shows what this looks like; the tan area is where it has collapsed causing a water leak inside the engine.Land Rover Bosch 4.0/4.6 Engine Block with new top hat liners, From a 1999-2002 Range Rover or a 1999-2004 Land Rover Discovery The engine block shows the new top hat liners installed.This area was too bad to make the repairs. Two holes exist in this area and a track from where the water was leaking behind the collapsed liner goes all the way into the crankcase. Unfortunately because of this problem this engine cannot be used, so another one was found. 

    The problem with this is that you can’t tell if a block will be useable until after cutting out the old liners. So after choosing another engine block we went forward with the project. It was looking OK and the new Top Hat liners were installed. Now I want to note here that a ceramic coating is injected into the water jackets to permanently seal them with the new liners.

    The photo on the bottom left shows the finished product. This engine will last much longer without any leaking. The photo below is of three engine blocks used in the project, the one on the left was a back up and shows what the original used engine cylinder looks like. The center engine block is the bad block with the cylinder liners removed and machined. The engine block on the right is the finished engine ready to go for many years of service. This is not an inexpensive repair, so much thought should be given to this repair before starting this project.

    Happy Rovering! Charlie Key, British 4X4, British cars of

The "T" Register - GOF Central 2012 and 2013

  • The “T” Register 
    By Charlie Key, Registrar 
    GOF Central 2012, A MGTD and a supercharged MGB driving to Chicago, ILAfter working so hard for the past 7 weeks and getting two ”T” cars ready for the drive up to St. Charles, IL it was now time to get on the road. The weather was very hot, the average temperature was 104°. I had made the TD top’s side and rear roll up so we had cover overhead but not on the rear or sides. This took the addition of some snaps and a couple of straps, worked great! The plan was to take the whole day to travel there drive all back roads and stop often, it would be ten hours of wheel time but that is what these cars are for, the fun of driving.

    So we checked in that evening, it had cooled down and we had some dinner. There were MG’s and MG’ers everywhere. We spent the evening reacquainting with old friends and getting ready for the next day’s activities.

    Morning, day one. A good breakfast and off to hospitality and registration. We had signs to display for next year for St. Charles, MO. Left many brochures and registration forms so people could see what we are offering in 2013. Excitement was already building.

    In 1999, we held a GOF in St. Charles, (ALL MGs WERE WELCOME, AND THE 2013 GOF WELCOMES ALL MGs). The 2013 GOF will have a walking rally take place during the show, and “Music on Main St.” is going on too. We are getting support from many places, and it is a tradition that all MG clubs donate $400.00 to host the hospitality costs; I will be asking the club to participate.

    Tech sessions this afternoon, and parking for the First Timers Show, above our TD in it is new dress, there was a cook out on the terrace. Many things were going on at the same time in the background, registration and hospitality, raffle bidding, vendors, and auction item viewing.

    Day two This morning is the rally and tour to the Volo Auto Museum we took off for a fun day, over 300 classic cars and a car lover’s theme park were waiting for us, what a great place. The rally took us out to the less inhabited areas for some great scenic views. We had the rest of the day to play and explore.

    The famous GOF auction was this evening, Dave Zyp is the traditional auctioneer and Dave puts on the best auction I have ever witnessed it is real comedy. After this event it was time to rest up for the next day.

    Day three at 8:00 am was vendor setup and sales. We all need to be very appreciative of all vendors; it is a mountain of hard work to move these parts to a show to sell to others that need help. Always welcome vendors and thank them for coming.

    The cars started showing up at 8:30 am for the car show’s parking. By 9:00 am the MGs were in place, just in time for everyone to start filling their ballots. The show had a myriad of MGs. There were MGAs, MGBs, MGTAs, TBs, TCs, TDs, and TFs, along with M-types, SAs, a VA, a couple of J2s, a NB and three L-types, several PAs and PBs, some Airline Coupes, a WA, 2 Magnettes, an Arnolt, multiple Y-types, numerous Tickfords, and a MGRV8. It was such a good turnout of different types of MGs and while I was talking to people at the car show I found out that there were people there from 19 different states and Canada. The GOF Central sure has grown.

    At 10:00 am the bus trip left for the Magic Mile. At 1:00 pm the steering committee met, ballot counting, and funkahna started, and at 3:00pm the valve cover races. Then the big bash, a cocktail party on Boubon Street at the host hotel and then the banquet and awards. Once again Charlie and Paula Key take 2nd place and Baird and Rose Cook take 1st place in the rally, ending another perfect GOF; till next year. Now some more pictures:

    Good-bye until next year, GOF.

    Announcement that British Cars has lowered the labor rate to $89.00 per hour; we felt it is our part to help MG’ers get thru this bad recession. Adam has been doing good business and wants to help club members, British Cars has been offering a 10% discount to members for many years now and that will continue with the new lower rate. Adam is a young man that is interested in keeping our beloved cars on the road, so please help him in his endevours.

    Now is the time to register for the GOF MK XXXV 2013 and you can do so by going to the website Then click on the “Parts & More” link, where you will see the “2013 – GOF Central Mk. XXXV” link, just click on it and start your registration process. Or call +1.4806242599 to get a registration form or we can register you on the phone.