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Technical Training

British Cars of America offers technical training classes for the British Car Enthusiasts.

Technical Training

Upcoming Tech Sessions

  • Date: 07/20/2017

    Topic: Repairing the dreadful differential clunk - MG
    When: 7 PM Start

  • Date: 07/16/2017

    Topic: Getting Ready for the Driving Season
    When: 7 PM Start

Tech Sessions

  • We offer a large amount of subjects for tech sessions. Tech Sessions do run between 1.5 hours and 8 hours and can seat up to 30 people. If you are interested in a subject not seen below or are interested in setting up a time for your group to come in for a tech session, give us a call at +1.4806242599.

    Some of the different subject we cover are:

    "SU Carburators" - explores different conponents of SU's, how to take apart SU's, and how to rebuild SU's, along with a questions and answers period.

    "Coulda' had a V8" - explores the Buick 215, Range Rover 3.5, Rover 3.9, Rover 4.0, Rover 4.2, and Rover 4.6. and the different changes made over the years, the Pro's and Con's of each engine, modifications needed for different applications, parts, and much more, along with a questions and answers period. The representative from will tell you more about how to find a good used Range Rover for sale at online car auction, describing what problems you might face while buying a salvage car online.

    "Welding and Cutting" - explores the use of tools and techniques for cutting and welding metal., along with a questions and answers period.(Can include using the tools under supervision. Waiver is needed and can occur additional costs.)

    "Have a Seat" - explores upholstering car seats, the tools to remove and upholster, the materials, and much more, along with questions and answers.

    "Carpet Time" - explores carpeting, the tools to remove and install new, making patterns, and much more, along with a questions and answers period.

    "Kingpin" - explores the aspects of rebuilding kindpins, along with a questions and answers period.

    "Complete Spring Tune-up - Ready for Spring" - explores getting your vehicle ready for the spring driving season with a complete tune-up.

    "Front End Suspension and Alignment" - explores instaling bushings in the front suspension and aligning a vehicle.

    "Coil Conversion" - explores changing the air suspension on a Land Rover to coil springs, including reprograming the computer.

Hands-on Training

  • Interested in learning about a specific subject and would like to have some hands-on training, please give us a call. We offer many different subjects. All who are interested in this training must bring there own tools. Depending on the subject and the interest of the person training will depend upon the cost.

    A few of the subjects that we do offer are:

    • Rebuilding an Engine
    • Rebuilding a Transmission
    • Suspension Conversions
    • Body Modifications
    • Upholstering Seats
    • Installing Carpet
    • Wiring
    • Diagnostics

    We do offer many more subjects, so please call for more information. +1.4806242599

  • All Tech Sessions and Hands-on Training maybe subject to video taping.